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PYRO- relating to fire. (we mean it as- the fire within, your spark, drive, motivation, passion for life.)

Welcome to PYRO Skateboards where we enhance and forge your fire from within. We are a lifestyle company that is built on the fundamentals of being free within your craft. For us, we specialize in skateboarding, but our way of life extends into surfing, music, and art. Our goal is to ignite your inner PYRO, whatever it may be. 

Even though we were formally established in 2021, it was in 1984 when my skateboarding spark first started. San Diego born and bred, I was lucky enough to have been steeped in the rich Southern California surf and skateboard culture. That fire has been burning inside ever since.  

We provide superior quality skateboard decks, equipment, and supplies. "Build it nice or build it twice". We separate ourselves from other companies by being obtainable, affordable, and top quality. Your boards will be delivered to you just as a pro rider would receive their sponsorship package (a box full of epic goods). PYRO is the everyday skateboarder who may not rip (yet). Every time you buy a PYRO skateboard, you become a part our family. We ride for you and because of you. 

Pyro Skateboards is owned and operated by Jamie Nichols. I work as a Firefighter for a large city in southern California and have been passionate about skateboarding since the mid 80’s. I was never good enough to run with the pros but I truly believe the best skateboarders out there are the ones having the most fun. There are 73 million young people in the USA, 6% of them are skateboarders. Thats 4,380,000 skateboarders!!

PYRO- Slang for a person afflicted with pyromania, the inability to resist the impulse to deliberately start fires….............fires within you (obviously this is a metaphor) don't start real fires!!!!!

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